Howlin Rain, Under the Wheels, Vol 1



Under the Wheels Vol 1 is the first in a new series of limited edition Howlin Rain live albums, intended to be a direct exchange/ conversation with fans. A no-rules, anything goes series culled from multi-track live recordings made on the road.
Vol 1, “Live from the Coasts” leans heavily to the bands more expansive and improvisational side and is the first of a 2-part curation of the band’s personal favorites of East Coast and West Coast performances in 2018-19 (vol 2 and second “Live from the Coasts” LP due out in Fall 2019.)   

“My intention with the live series is to open a spigot between the fans and these captured live adventures and to leave it open as an ongoing conversation about our spiritual dance together.” - Ethan Miller

Vol 1 releases Aug 30, 2019 by Silver Current Records in a one time pressing of 1000 LPs.


Wooden Shjips Shjips in the Night



The first official live album from one of the linchpins of the neo-psychedelic movement of the  new millennium. Shjips in the Night: Live in San Francisco, June 8, 2018 is a single career-spanning performance; an ultra-saturated, full color snap-shot of their awesome live powers, it was multi-tracked at Slim’s in San Francisco and uniquely mixed by Heron Oblivion. This is a vinyl only release limited to 2500 copies worldwide, out April 12th on Silver Current Records.




From the West



On the eve of the release of Black Heaven, their debut for Nuclear Blast Records, Earthless turned in this incredible live performance in San Francisco on March 1st, 2018, captured and released on vinyl by Silver Current Records. Since their inception seventeen years ago, this band has become an icon of 21st century heavy music and a cult unto themselves. On 'From The West' the band’s signature high-volume drive and unbridled horsepower create an almost mantra-like repetition as a framework for infinite improvisation. That, and beer-can crushing, fist-pumping riffs and solos delivered by an unstoppable rhythm section.

'From the West' is a live album that captures the band at peak powers and a quintessential fan piece from one of the best live rock bands in the world. Album tracks includes looser, rawer versions of Black Heaven favorites, a nearly twenty minute version of their instrumental titan “Uluru Rock,” and a blazing cover of Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown.” The album jacket is also a meticulous reproduction of the band’s favorite TMOQ (Trademark Of Quality) Zeppelin bootleg. Vinyl and cassette releases Sept 28th 2018 on Silver Current Records. Cd and Digital release Oct 19th 2018 on Nuclear Blast.  Available in limited edition handmade, colored and black vinyl.