The Mansion Songs Demos



New handmade item just in: The Mansion Songs Demos! Hear the creak and moan of gin-blanched late night demo work! Hear the exploding pop energy of somber favorits turned inside out in multi-track mid fi glory! Find out where and when some of these songs were born into a hand held recorder the day of the studio session or 7 years earlier in a lonely room accross time and space! It's all here folks, in...The Mansion Songs Demos!

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Mansion Songs Cassette!



Mansion Songs cassettes are in! Howlin Rain's fourth studio album in ten years marks a departure from the bombastic prog-tinged arena rock of the Russian Wilds and Live Rain. In it's raw performances and melancholy tone, 'Mansion Songs' burrows into the subterranean world on a literary journey into the beatuiful dreams and twilight nightmares of the broken hearted. Limited edition cassette run of 250. 

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creditsLimited edition of 250. 

Lost Shock Vol 1 & 2!



Ladies and gentlemen, you've clawed at the doors for this: a two disk, two cassette, mind-bending, double-fucked anthology of subterranean dirge by San Francisco's legendary MONOSHOCK!
   "A monster collection of covers, outtakes, feedback, demos, violent trance, drone and high stakes rock and roll barnstorms"
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