Live in Utah

Drunk Horse

Catalog #: SC24


From Oakland’s heavy southern rock titans, this live gig in Salt Lake City circa 2004 (approx) captures The Horse at the peak of its touring powers. A vast swamp of ‘heavy’ bands came out of the Man’s Ruin/ Tee Pee Records stoner rock explosion of the late 90s—mid 2000s in the Bay Area but none fused a reverence for technical prog and fusion chops with the swaggering abandon of sawdust floor southern rock with the momentum of a charging rhino the way that Drunk Horse did. Most of their songs read like a Guinness book of the worlds biggest rock riffs tattooed with an undercurrent of punk energy by Chris Johnson’s ferocious and untamed drumming.

    In 1999 a band of mine called the Philistine Tent Revival was bumming around Santa Cruz playing bars and local ‘rooms’ and parties. One night we played with Drunk Horse at a biker bar at the edge of town near the freeway and from that moment forth I set forward to create a band of my own that couldn’t be sonically punished the way Drunk Horse had punished us that night (Comets on Fire was the band that I formed). The point being that DH was huge, mighty and loud but there was a dry wit and philosophy behind this super charged southern rock, a thought process beyond worshipping weed and guzzling cheap beer—though Drunk Horse feels mighty good as a soundtrack to that too. I don’t want to talk it to death, Drunk Horse is a thing best felt, at high volumes. To me it was a great inspiration and I pursued musical paths with these players over the last 15 years since I first heard them. At this point I’ve played in bands with every single member of this line up and it’s been a goddamn pleasure all down the line. Grab a six pack, crank it up---unleash the horse!!! 


recorded by Jud Powel, board mix, Monk's Jazz Room, Salt Lake City, Utah, exact date unknown, approx 2004.