Living Junkyard 7" single

Feral Ohms

Catalog #: VKR 708


FERAL OHMS. Living Junkyard single one sheet.

    At violent volumes Feral Ohms blasts forward on an ecstatic journey that spans 60s, 70s and 80s outlaw rock and roll sounds.  Acid rock to speed psych, greasy biker jams to raw concrete walled southern California punk, early 70s sunshine-drenched-blistering-wall-of-amplifier-festival jams, scuzz rock, shit rock, and all other forms of rock and roll detritus from the bottom of the great bay area musical landfill in the sky. 
    Three Bay Area underground rock vets (Ethan Miller, Chris Johnson & Josh Haynes) came together a few years ago in one of the most decrepit jam spaces in East Oakland to use a language that they love to write their own book on the subject. Here are the first two pages. Fast. Psychedelically loud. Big Muffs set to scorch the earth. Feral Ohms.  

Feral Ohms was formed in 2011. They are a power trio. They are an Oakland band. This is their first release.

Living Junkyard single on Valley King Records:

Side A: Living Junkyard

Side B: The Glow

Recorded by Boat Dog @ the Palace of Ohm, East Oakland, 2012.

Valley King: VKR is a botique record label created by legendary rock artist Alan Forbes and Justin McNeal. Each release is limited edition, designed by Alan and silkscreen printed by Monolith Press in Alameda. Each copy is signed and numbered by Forbes and include special items (like art prints, stickers, colored vinyl, etc) according to the edition.