Live on WKDU

Purling Hiss

Catalog #: SC 22


    Oh Lord. If this don’t get the kids dancing AND peel the eyelids off their face at the same time than ain’t nothing gonna do it ever again. Purling Hiss is such an enamoring and beautiful rock and roll group. One part of them is yesterday’s future dark party music for the new youth and another part is cosmic indie boogie travelers just taking it out. It seems so simply “rock” on the surface but you keep leaning and peering in trying to make out hidden shapes with deeper meanings in the bright white center and they keep changing, keep you intrigued by abstracts made up of clear lines…I don’t know exactly what I’m saying but maybe you do. Maybe that’s just the spirit that lives inside of good music and creates the mysterious “feeling” that moves us so much.  Part of it is certainly Mike Polizze’s guitar playing, it’s so lyrical and melodic and it’s got a thousand sundowns and sunups in it, a lot of rays of light. I love the way in this live set you can hear him taking off each time they go into a guitar break or solo section. The first few moments he begins cutting loose you think, “oh, sick shredding, cool” then within moments you can just hear him lift up above that into his zone and start refracting light, blazing pure character, something more beautiful and meaningful than ‘great’ guitar playing, expressing the code wherein lies the meaning of the songs.

     Philly has been a special place for rock-type musical art for as long as I’ve been touring through there. It has that thing where the artists seem to really try and push themselves to bring their own shit up to the level of their super creative peers but not do anything like what their peers are doing. Some of the bands that come to mind I’ve seen or shared a bill with  or been a fan of; Bardo Pond, Espers, Purling Hiss, Watery Love, Kurt Vile, Meg Baird, Fursaxa, Jack Rose—they sound nothing like each other but create a police lineup of some of the most creative and distinctive minds in underground and independent music in America over the last decade.

      This particular Purling Hiss piece is a live radio recording for the Mike Bell Show on Philly’s WKDU. It was recorded on analog multi-track by Kyle Pulley and curated for the show by Jeremy Gecker in 2011. The sound quality is not just awesome but it has a real analog sound like one of those low budget early Sup Pop records. Radio still rules—make your records at radio stations people!!! I’ve always wanted to do that, don’t know why more bands don’t. Well, in this case, The Hiss knocks out 6 classics and tears em up, full force in live on the radio glory!