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Comets On Fire

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Edition of 10, handmade 5 disk book. 2005.

This COF release was made in 2005 mostly by my wife for the Comets merch table. We only sold about 4 or 5 because most of the band got one. The box set is a book that holds 5 disks adorned with heavily textured covers with a window on the front showing various pictures from the COF jam space (each box set had a different picture; echoplex tower, drums, guitar amps, etc). The 5 cdrs (some available now in individual form here or elsewhere) were of the following:

Electric Six Organs. 
This was a 9 song version of the Electric Six Organs including the 3 songs on the Silver Current release availabe here, as well as 6 more tracks of live Electric Six Organs performances from 2002. 

Comets Jams
Originally released in edition of 1000 bootleg style free gift made by Sub Pop to be given away at independent retailers with the purchase of "Blue Cathedral". 

Bong Voyage
The album length and content had to be edited down for it's vinyl release. Here it appeared for the first time in it's full unedited form and length. 

Tonal Shrine
Silver Current 05, here

Comets on Fire Burning Star Core
pre-release of vinyl issue of COF BXC collab on yik yak. 


*Currently Out Of Print