Live at Guadalest


Catalog #: SC 19

Edition of 300 cdr, 150 Cassette. Silk Screen on die cut chipboard, hand numbered.

Live in Guadalest was originally a handmade tour cdr that Isaiah made for Earthless' Australian tour in Feb 2013.        

     In "Live at Guadalest" Earthless bring the full fire of the scorched-world psychedelia they are renowned for to a Spanish Festival performance in 2009.  Yes, Sabbath, Hendrix, Cream and the classic old gaurd waft around in the brew but there is also the language of NWOBHM and punk that brings a breakneck fury and aggression to the ride and translates musically into their own virtuosic language of staggering energy and jaw dropping heavy jams. 
        Comets On Fire first shared a bill with Earthless at the El Rio bar on Mission st in SF, must have been 2003 or so. Again in 2005: COF, Om and Earthless (heavy bill!) at the Echo in Los Angeles. In 2008 Howlin Rain played with Earthless in San Diego at the Casbah and in 2011 Isaiah (Earthless' guitarist) began playing with Howlin Rain and working as an extended family member on The Russian Wilds. In 2012 he joined full time. 
        In March of this year I saw Earthless perform an incredible show at the Great American Music Hall to hundreds of enthusiastic young heads and again as many familiar old ones. I was floored by the trance those three go into in performance and the levels of endurance and focus they maintain. What comes off the stage is absolutely relentless, joyful and a mighty big ass kicking. Rumor has it they were in town recording 2 new albums in San Francisco.
       "Guadalest" is an interesting ride, at 54 minutes of heightened firepower, you don't quite kick back and let your mind journey they way you would with a lot of extended "psych" jamming, mostly because the ride feels like you're hanging from the turret of a German Tiger 1 roaring impossibly over everything in it's path at high speeds~ which is of course is the whole point!