Live 1999

Tonal Shrine

Catalog #: SC 05

Edition of 11 cdr. Released 2001 or 2002. Silkscreened.

Tonal Shrine was a late 90s noise rock power trio made up of Utrillo Kushner, Ben Chasny and Tim Tsuda. After the disintegration of Plague Lounge in Humboldt County, Ben Chasny put this power noise unit together with his long time friend Kushner (who he’d been playing in bands with since highschool and 3 years later the pair would reconvene again in Comets on Fire) and Tsuda who lived in Berkeley. Rehearsals involved Chasny driving 5 and a half hours each way from Mckinleyville to Berkeley and even “local” gigs in either location involved the same commute. The band was short lived. Legend has it they called it quits after Kushner and Tsuda had driven up to Arcata for a gig and Chasny, in a state of rock and roll possession, destroyed his guitar and amplifier and walked off stage during the first song of the performance. The Silver Current release of TS Live 1999 is a bootleg of a handmade cassette release made by Kushner.