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Catalog #: SC 04

Edition of 20 cdr. Released in 2001. Silk screened.

The Lowdown was a great Santa Cruz “No Wave” band that was already in full force when I moved to town in 1998. The Lowdown (of which Noel Harmonson was a member along with Josh Alpers and Hugh Holden) were another great influence on Comets on Fire. The spazz-inverted-rock vibe, the handmade art department and also because they took Comets out on our first tour. It was the West Coast, mostly coffee shops, art spaces, DIY underground art/performance/music spaces. It was an incredible excursion for a band that would soon and forever after mostly make trails on the U.S. rock club and small hall tour circuit. This Lowdown performance encapsulates the ecstatic nature of the group—they were truly exploding with humor, wily antagonism and musical anarchy—sometimes even musical violence but never nihilism.

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