Long Goodbye

Robert Martin

Catalog #: SC 03

Edition of 27 cdr. Released in 2001. Silk Screened on black paper.

          Robert Martin was a Santa Cruz character that Ben Flashman and myself worked with at a filthy thrift Mecca called “The Bargain Barn” just off Highway 9 on the outskirts of town. Flashman had worked with Robert for a few years and I worked with them both for a single summer around 2000. Robert had long told us he was a musician and songwriter and when he finally brought us a ragged old cassette from the mid 80’s he’d made of his music (a multi track recording made by layering tracks with a home stereo playback and a single track cassette recorder over and over again) we were blown away. Dark, pastoral, shattered outsider folk!!! I asked Robert if I could release his 1985 recordings as “Long Goodbye” on Silver Current, try to get it out to a few people and he agreed. Though I only made 27 copies of “Long Goodbye” it made it into the hands of our good friend Tim Daly who some years later went on to create and run the underground record label “Yik-Yak Records”. In 2008 Yik Yak issued a beautiful vinyl release of "Long Goodbye."

Available on LP here