Holiday EP

Nate's Set

Catalog #: SC 02

Edition of 24 cdr. Released in 2000. Silk Screened.

Nate Pierce was a young actor, musician and outlaw/troublemaker who lived in Santa Cruz, Ca from 1999 to 2004. “Nate’s Set” was a frantic and raucous one-man performance of man, acoustic guitar and a set of musical ditties steeped in black humor, paying “triple F” homage to the Fugs, The Frogs and the Flaming Lips. “Nate’s Set” performances were often a guerilla event taking over backyard barbeques or house parties. Later Pierce developed Nate’s Set into a power trio with a second electric guitar and drums. The “Holiday EP” is a rather primitive 4-track document of a few Nate’s Set songs in their earlier one-man acoustic incarnation.

Currently Out of Print.