Feral Ohms 'S/T' LP



Silver Current's first all-format release is upon us! The debut studio album by the fire-breathing, take no prisoners jet engine that is FERAL OHMS! After a few years of limited edition 45 singles and a critically aclaimed live album for the "Live in SF" series on Castle Face Records late last year Silver Current is super stoked to present "S/T" to the world on Vinyl, CD, Digital and Cassette. Releases 3/24/17. Order HERE

The Glasgow Birds



The Glasgow Birds, The Denver Shitter and Other Poems of Musical Life" is the debut book of poetry by Ethan Miller. A dream stroll through 15 years of musical life on the road. From concrete, road-journal like storytelling prose poems to headier abstract rabbit holes and experimental waking dreams. This first edition is handmade, handbound, silk screened jacket and limited to 150 copies

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The Mansion Songs Demos



New handmade item just in: The Mansion Songs Demos! Hear the creak and moan of gin-blanched late night demo work! Hear the exploding pop energy of somber favorits turned inside out in multi-track mid fi glory! Find out where and when some of these songs were born into a hand held recorder the day of the studio session or 7 years earlier in a lonely room accross time and space! It's all here folks, in...The Mansion Songs Demos!

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Mansion Songs Cassette!



Mansion Songs cassettes are in! Howlin Rain's fourth studio album in ten years marks a departure from the bombastic prog-tinged arena rock of the Russian Wilds and Live Rain. In it's raw performances and melancholy tone, 'Mansion Songs' burrows into the subterranean world on a literary journey into the beatuiful dreams and twilight nightmares of the broken hearted. Limited edition cassette run of 250. 

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creditsLimited edition of 250. 

Lost Shock Vol 1 & 2!



Ladies and gentlemen, you've clawed at the doors for this: a two disk, two cassette, mind-bending, double-fucked anthology of subterranean dirge by San Francisco's legendary MONOSHOCK!
   "A monster collection of covers, outtakes, feedback, demos, violent trance, drone and high stakes rock and roll barnstorms"
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LIVE RAIN Cassettes available now!



Howlin Rain's first official live album (definately more of an over the top 'napalm in the morning' howl than a collection of mountain-top haikus) is a 65+ minute 'best of' ride through the band's first 7 years. Freight train energy, cosmic jam sections, arena rock bombast, soaring guitar solos and even an ecstatic stadium audience all live here in Live Rain! 

Limited edtion of 250 cassettes are available now here at Silver Current Records store. 

Dbl Vinyl, CD and Digital are available now here at the official Howlin Rain store. 

A few words from the press on Live Rain:

"Live Rain might just be Howlin Rain's most crucial album yet." - Uncut

 "A concert album like they used to be: prime Howlin Rain, only longer, louder and more full-blooded." - MOJO (4 Stars)

"There's enough sprawling yet elegant ad-libbing to transform any disappointing house party into a late-night, vintage-chic soiree." - Classic Rock

"We can easily place Live Rain next to such classics as Thin Lizzy's Live and Dangerous and Kiss Alive." - Echoes & Dust

"Mesmerizing...65 minutes of staggering brilliance." - Manchester Rocks

Vintage Comets Tour CDRs!



Comets fans! Now in stock; new editions of three classic "Blue Cathedral" and "Avatar" era live gigs. These CDRs were originally made by Ethan and Noel to sell on Comets tours in 2005--2007. 

Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, 1.17.05

Live at La Sala Rosa, Montreal, 6.20.05

Live at Butlins Holiday Resort, ATP, Minehead, UK, 12.09.06

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Happy New Year!



To all the artists involved, fans, friends and especially our customers who feel more like an extended family: Thank you for your support in 2013! 

HR Griffin shirts are in!



In the continuing bootleg t-shirt series, limited edition Howlin Rain Griffin T's are now available! Stare into the wild eyes of the strange and beautiful Bird-cat!
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Comets On Fire announce Oakland and London gigs!



photos by Mathieu Betard 

Almost 6 years after our last bay area gig Comets On Fire are proud to announce we will be blasting the doors off the White Horse Inn in Oakland, California on November 26th (tickets here) and the Netil House in London, England on November 29th (tickets here). There are also just a handful of tickets left for the Loop ATP festival where we are also appearing on Saturday November 30th (tickets here).
  Here's the full(er) story detailed in Gold Star's press release including some music links from our four official albums at the bottom!  
   Also worthy of note: Silver Current still has a few copies of the handmade, limited edition Comets "live at the Knitting Factory, NYC" available here. See ya at the gigs!



Confirm their First Shows in Five Years including                  

ATP's Netil House Takeover and   End of An Era Part 2

           Coming out of ­a 4 year hiatus, Comets On Fire came together again in 2012 serving as Ben Chasny's backing band for the Six Organs of Admittance album, Ascent. During the sessions a flame of inspiration was rekindled for Comets itself and the band subsequently continued to write and jam new music together.

           Comets On Fire will be playing their first show together since 2008 next month at the White Horse Inn on 26th November in Oakland California. The band will then head to the UK where they will headline ATP's “Netil House Take Over” in London’s on 29th November following up with a performance at ATP’s “End of An Era Part 2” on 30th November.

        Ethan Miller (guitar/vocals) and Ben Flashman (bass) formed Comets on Fire just prior to the turn of the century in the drug-infested hippie town of Santa Cruz, California. Their original intent was to create a rock group free of commercial pretensions or genre trend; one that simply dealt in pure bombast, attack, overwhelming distortion and chaos, and yet possessing a shameless love for anthemic choruses, shattering hooks and riffs, and the smoke and magic of yesteryears’ rock and roll iconoclasts.

        With a line up augmented by Noel Harmonson (savage analog electronicist and vocal echoplex player), Utrillo Kushner (drums) and Ben Chasny (also known as Six Organs of Admittance - equal parts madman and genius folk hero) on second guitar the band have released a number of albums since their self titled debut in 2000 including Field Recordings From The Sun (BaDa Bing!), Blue Cathedral (Sub Pop) and Avatar (Sub Pop) the band carved out the modern template of what can only be described as a sonic shitstorm - an unbreakable stone groove of telepathic rock improvisation.

        Writing on their blog, Says Miller, “We feel that Barry Hogan and the ATP co. have played a great part in the success and general “fun” of Comets on Fire and we want to ride that holiday camp train one more time.  We have great Technicolor memories of the holiday camp festivals put on by ATP and not just the moments on stage or palling around with other artists in a drunken haze but also Utrillo swinging from the chandelier in our chalet until it dislodges from the ceiling and sends him flying down on the glass table top, kids we’ve never seen before storming our trailer apartment at 3am and then kicking the bathroom door open because they couldn’t figure out how to open it (yes, it was locked, someone was inside (multiple people actually, passed out), spending long days off laying around on the picnic benches in the courtyard drinking wine and eating English cheese fresh off the southern farms and of course seeing some of the most astounding band lineups in the history of rock music crammed into one weekend on 3 different stages. I believe in the day and a half we were at the last ATP Comets attended I saw the Stooges, Sonic Youth, The Melvins, Peter Brotzmann, Flipper, Sun City Girls, Dinosaur Jr—and that’s with falling asleep early the first night due to drunkenness and jet lag and leaving at dawn Sunday morning…the shit that a fan can see with a 3 day pass and a blood transfusion on the morning of the 3rd day is absolutely mind boggling.

So anyhow, we’re doing it again. Fuck it!!! ATP is a blast, see you there.”


2000                                   LP                                        Comets On Fire (s/t)                                                Self Released

2002                                    LP/CD                                 Field Recordings from the Sun                                BaDa Bing!

2002                                    CD                                      Comets on Fire   (s/t reissue)                                   Alternative Tentacles

2004                                    CD/LP                                 Blue Cathedral                                                         Sub Pop

2006                                    CD/LP                                 Avatar                                                                       Sub Pop


Band Blog:  http://cometsonfire.tumblr.com

Soundcloud Tracks from ‘Avatar’ and ‘Blue Cathedral’


Soundcloud Tracks from ‘Field Recordings from the Sun’ and ‘Comets On Fire’